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TEiTR Ambassador

                                                           This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity

Are you passionate about Mental Health and want to help erase the stigma? Do you want to make an impact by simply advocating and promoting a brand that is willing to do whatever it takes to create change? Then you definitely want to join our team of champions!

The Elephant in the Room, Inc. is looking for deeply passionate, enthusiastic, TEiTR Ambassadors. Often times, we forget the power of our voices. As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to impact others by just promoting awareness! 

What will TEiTR  Ambassadors do?

Social Media:

You don't have to have 10k followers to have an impact on someone's mental health, you just need that one person who needed to see/hear your message. We just need a group of engaged people who are willing to spread the word. We will provide content to be easily sharable with your followers. You never know who may come across that post; it could save a life, literally. 


Promote TEiTR and it's Mental Health Initiatives via social media, workplace boards, etc. 

• Share social content via your platforms 

• Promote awareness by wearing TEiTR merchandise 

• Share information about TEiTR at speaking engagements if afforded the opportunity 

• Truly fight for our mission to be heard, understood, and adopted.

• Help recruit new ambassadors to help us all erase the stigma around mental health

• Encourage others to donate to our cause to help us continue our work


• To just be be a deeply passionate human who is eager and willing to serve others

We hope you are ready to get started! There are people depending on you! 

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